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Life as a troll is never easy, but Tyson   faces more challenges than most. When his mother's early death leaves him with an embittered father, he finds himself  alone, unloved and illiterate. Trying to improve his situation through education, he's bullied about both his looks and his race. As he confronts barrier after barrier, he begins to envision a better life. His dream of building his own home, a haven he names Thistle Downe, sustains him; pursuing it drives Tyson to find both personal and financial success, as well as a chance to win the heart of Amelia, a lovely fairy. But when Amelia's father, the aristocratic Magnus Fleming, discovers his daughter's budding relationship with a troll, Tyson faces his biggest hurdle yet. Can happy hearts overcome closed minds? Allegorically addressing the challenges we all face as we strive to find our place in the world, Tyson's tale of cheerful determination will inspire readers faced with their own obstacles and provide welcome escape to Scotland's beautiful Orkney Islands, a land filled with magical creatures, grand adventure and delicious sticky toffee pudding.

*​October 4, 2017 Jr. Current Literature Club      Book Review

Moonbeam Children's Book Awards

                     2016 Bronze Medal        

                         Best First Book 

Literary Classics 2017 Book Award    Gold Medal Winner

  • Fantasy